Mixbook offers convenient photo book service as it's done online. There are plenty of impressive features around, from adding photo effects to throwing in some decorative elements. Every step of the project is offered at no cost.
Through the website, you can create eye-catching albums, custom invitations, yearbooks, calendars, stationery and many others. It's also something that people who love to scrapbook will find delightful to visit. Because of the very user-friendly interface, you don't have to go through a lot of trouble just to whip up something that can impress everyone.
Everything is simplified as there is a tutorial guide along the way. Skipping it should not be a problem because helpful notes come in handy while you are engaging in your chosen project. A telephone number isn't provided which you may call up for assistance. However, help is available through e-mail as well as a live chat room accessible only during weekdays.
Creating a free account is the initial step one has to make. Then you can choose from the different project sizes and orientation, as well as the type of album cover you prefer (soft or hard). Ready-made beautiful themes come aplenty. But if there is a particular look you have in mind, simply go for a blank page and allow your creativity to do the rest. 
Finishing a project should be a snap even if your internet surfing skill is basic or you have not tried your hands on a photo editor in the past. You simply have to drag your chosen pictures and drop them on the preferred spots. Spruce up each one of them with the use of various effects available, such as adjustments of the tone, contrast and color.
Aside from using the images saved onto your hard drive, you may also include those which you have posted on various social networking sites. What makes everything even more exciting is a feature which lets you collaborate with relatives or friends. Invite them to go online and share in the process of completing the pages you are making.
The photo book service are offered at no cost. But the catch is you have to leave the printing work to Mixbook as your projects may not be printed at home. The price tag that comes with it assures you that you get a professionally-made finished product. Your creation will be shipped to you by the company in no time, whether you live in or outside the US.
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